Croquet and Dyffryn Gardens are no strangers to each other. The game was first played there back in the early 20th century when Thomas Mawson was commissioned to landscape its extensive grounds. Subsequent changes in the ownership, and use, of Dyffryn House - and the interjection of two World Wars - did, however, exert their toll. But, the game was reintroduced in 1986 with the setting up of Dyffryn Croquet Club and the restoration of the very lawns originally laid down by Mawson.


Today, like the game itself, Dyffryn Croquet Club is thriving. We have some 50 members and cater for all skill levels - from those wanting gentle exercise in tranquil surroundings to those wishing to play to a competitive standard. Indeed, the Club numbers amongst its members no fewer than nine internationals who have represented Wales against teams from the Southern Hemisphere, North America and Europe. Their knowledge and experience is a constant source of guidance to less skilled players who are keen to improve and progress their game.

Each year, we have a number of vacancies for new members and if you are interested in taking up this fascinating game, please contact Paul Pristavec, our Secretary, whose details are available in the Contacts section of this website.

Not just a club, but a successful club!

Since it was established in 1986, Dyffryn Croquet Club has always looked to play its full part in the various inter-Club competitions that are organised across the UK. Not only has this given our members an opportunity to test their abilities against a much wider field of competition, it has resulted in many enduring friendships being developed with players from other clubs up and down the country - and internationally.

Dyffryn now regularly takes part in competitions organised by The South West Federation of Croquet Clubs, The Welsh Croquet Association and The Croquet Association. Many of the Club's members also compete in individual events. The Club's team honours include:

2008: Winner - SWF Short Croquet Competition
2007: Winner - SWF Federation League
Winner - SWF Parkstone Qualifier
Winner - SWF Golf Croquet League
Runner-up - CA Longman Cup
2006: Winner - SWF Intermediate League
2005: Winner - SWF Short Croquet Competition
Winner - SWF Parkstone (Advanced) Trophy
Winner - SWF B League
2003: Winner - SWF Short Croquet Competition
Winner - SWF B League
2001: Runner-up - SWF Intermediate League
2000: Winner - SWF Short Croquet Competition
1999: Winner - SWF Parkstone Qualifier
1998: Runner-up - SWF Federation League
1997: Runner-up - SWF Intermediate League
1996: Runner-up - SWF Federation League
1995: Winner - CA Secretary's Shield
Runner-up - CA Longman Cup
1994: Runner-up - SWF Federation League
1992: Runner-up - SWF B League
1991: Winner - SWF Intermediate League
1990: Winner - SWF Federation League
Winner - SWF B League
Of the 35 clubs currently affiliated to the SWF, Dyffryn is only the second to win three of the SWF sponsored competitions in the same year - a feat we achieved in 2005.

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