Crowd watching game

Welcome to Dyffryn Croquet Club.  We're the leading croquet club in Wales and are located in the idyllic and tranquil surroundings of Dyffryn Gardens, some eight miles from the centre of Cardiff.

If croquet is new to you, then this web site will give you a quick explanation of the game and how it's played. There is, however, no substitute for 'the real thing' and you're very welcome to join us at Dyffryn any time during our season - which runs from early April to late September.

If you do join however, be prepared to get hooked.  A recent survey conducted on behalf of the Croquet Association found that the average duration of a player's club membership was 10.9 years. Not many sporting activities can boast that level of commitment and interest!

Dyffryn team receiving cup
Marking out the lawns at the start of year
Members at the barbecue
(JC:1 LB:2)