European Championships in Sweden

News has reached me of the "Euros" in Sweden. Chris Williams reached the knockout stages and defeated the current World Champion - Stephen Mulliner - in the quarter finals. Some scalp! Chris lost 2-1 in the semi-final. A triple peel to the good in the first game, he lost the next two to a sextuple peel and another triple. A sextuple is where your opponent scores 6 hoops with the first ball and then peels that ball through its last 6 hoops, WHILE taking the second ball through all 12 hoops!

From Paul Pristavec (14/08/17)

Weekend results

Varied success for teams last weekend. The Federation team beat Worcester Norton by 3-2 in their penultimate match and the GC handicap team lost 12-8 to Weston-Super-Mare. Another two close results!

From Paul Pristavec (09/08/17)

CA Eights selection

Chris Williams has been selected to play in the Spencer Ell cup for the 3rd best set of 8 in the CA. He could well be promoted to the 2nd group as he is a reserve for that event, too. Well done, Chris!

From Paul Pristavec (08/08/17)

GC handicap team draw

The GC handicap team drew with Worcester Norton this week, 10-10. Well done team, the first point of the season for a newish team squad. Another two matches this week .... watch this space!

From Paul Pristavec (05/08/17)

Post holiday Round-up

The Advanced team defeated Cheltenham by 5-2 after being 5-0 up at one stage. This was the first game actually played. The game against East Dorset may well be conceded to give two wins out of two. The annual visit of Watford in their 'international' leg of their SW Federation tour saw them beaten by 6-3. Full results of the encounter are found on the Watford club website. The game against Worcester in the GC Level Play league was a walk over as they have withdrawn from the league.

From Paul Pristavec (02/08/17)

CA selection

The CA have announced the selections for the GC eights. Peter Balchin has been selected for the second eight - the Kate Jones Memorial trophy. Congratulations, Peter! Good luck for the event!

From Paul Pristavec (23/07/17)


Wales have won their three tests matches vs Spain, Scotland and Ireland top claim victory in the World Team Championships (Tier 2) over the last week. Dyffryn members Chris Williams and Garry McElwain, ably supported Ian Burridge and Cliff Jones in the team of 4. Congratulations, Chaps! (I can't spell it in Welsh!! I know it starts with Ll.. and has about 12 letters)

From Paul Pristavec (22/07/17)

Federation vs Swindon

Swindon were the visitors and started the quicker. They were 3-0 up at lunch in a match of 7 games ... A tough team (!) talk at lunch put the team on the right track and we won the first three games in the afternoon, just failing to claim the last game by 7 hoops. A 4-3 defeat!

From Paul Pristavec (22/07/17)

Dyffryn vs Worcester Norton

The intermediate team were defeated at hone by Worcester in Thursday by 4-1. Close games in all rounds. Special thanks go to Clive Moncrieff for making his debut for the team and having to play off a lower handicap to meet league rules. He also won Dyffryn's only match!

From Paul Pristavec (18/07/17)

Wales play in Tier 2 of WCF

Wales play in Tier 2 of the World Croquet Federation in Southwick from 17 to 22 July. Garry McElwain and Chris Williams are the two Dyffryn members making up half the team of four. Good luck to all!

From Paul Pristavec (13/07/17)