A 'comedy' of games v Worcester Norton

Worcester Norton arrived yesterday with 4 players, 3 of whom answered to Chris. That was awkward as I immediately thought of Monty Python's 'Bruce' sketch....first comedy reference. Doubles went Dyffryn's way after a brilliant 3 ball, 11 hoop break by Peter B - he of GC fame! All square at lunch. The afternoon saw WN take the upper hand with lots of bisques at their disposal. Robert lost giving away 11, Paul was well behind giving away 3, but Peter was well in control despite giving away 11.5 bisques. Robert then spoke to me and said that it was down to me to try to win the game - while my opponent was on peg and peg, me well behind. Nothing like a bit of Cap'n Bob's confidence... we won 3-2!! And as Daddy (from the comedy 'Stella' - second comedy show reference) said' "webkh hdfh hh bsdfih dhvifhih!" That's just for you Peter!

From Paul Pristavec (15/08/18)

John Evans GC feat

Earlier this year I reported that Peter Balchin played and won his block in about 10 days in his GC Level Play block. John went a little further and won 4 matches - yes 4! - in one day!! That's efficiency. Only Sarah left for him to play now.

From Paul Pristavec (03/08/18)

Annual Watford Friendly

The last visit by Watford to Dyffryn was played today. Dyffryn were 3-1 up at lunch, with Paul playing for Watford after injury to one of their players meant he couldn't take part today. Just as the last game was finishing, there was a heavy downpour that lasted for part of lunch. Well organised or what? The afternoon didn't go as well for Dyffryn, losing all 4 singles and this time Paul playing for Dyffryn. Watford took the match 5-3. This was Robin Morrison's last match at Dyffryn as he leaves soon for a home nearer to family in London. Best wishes to him and Linda. Thanks to Kevin, Sarah, Robert and Adrian as well for playing.

From Paul Pristavec (30/07/18)

An apology

I can only apologise to the 3 members who represented Wales recently in the GC Home Internationals - Garry, Sarah and Peter. In my mind, it was due the first weekend in August. I'm only a couple of weeks late. Humble apologies. The event was won by a very strong English team.

From Paul Pristavec (30/07/18)

Parkstone (Advanced) v. Bristol 29th July

Garry, Sarah and Kevin went over to Bristol on Sunday expecting terrible weather but it turned out fine with no rain at all. However, the match didn't turn out quite so fine, as we were against very stiff opposition with David Goacher (-2), Richard Smith (-1.5) and Martin Murray (-0.5) in the Bristol team. Sarah and Garry battled their way in the doubles but were beaten by a whisker, 26-23, whilst Kevin gave Richard a scare to lose just 26-11. In the afternoon Kevin almost beat Martin. Kevin was on peg and rover but just couldn't make rover and Martin went on to win with a TP, 26TP-23. Sarah and Garry lost to Richard and David respectively. So we lost 5-0 but it so easily could have turned the other way. A good effort!

From Garry McElwain (30/07/18)

Selection events

Congratulations go to Sarah Melvin and Peter Balchin. Both have been selected for national events. Sarah is in the AC 1st ladies 6 competing for the Barlow Bowl and Peter is in the GC 1st 8 competing for the Musk Cup. Good luck to both in the forthcoming events!

From Paul Pristavec (16/07/18)

Grimshaw Cup

This year the Grimshaw Cup was won by Jay Dyer. The summer of the Sun continued, but only four members turned out to play. Jay, Jim, Joan and Kevin. This was the order of the preliminary block of single 13 point games. Jay and Jim played a final, and it was all over by two o’clock.

From Kevin Ham (16/07/18)

Cheltenham last Sunday

Three intrepid players from Cheltenham arrived via the staff entrance (!) at Dyffryn ready to do battle in the Federation game last Sunday. They imposed 3 hour limits, which didn't seem to allow for some slow play and long discussion in the doubles. Still after 3 hours, we were 2-0 without any ball going near a peg! After lunch, the singles took place and 3 hours of extracting bisques by the Dyffryn players, saw Paul win first to take the game and match, which may have been a signal to the others. We won 3-2. And it was still very hot. The lawns were running at about 12 seconds, with small chance of good control near hoops. Oh, yes, none of the afternoon games reached the peg either. 5 games all to time.

From Paul Pristavec (09/07/18)

Report on the weekend matches

The GC Level team were somewhat outclassed by a VERY strong Nailsea team and were defeated on Saturday. On Sunday, the visitors were Kington Langley, who included two former Dyffryn members. The game was 1-1 at lunch when one of the Kington Langley team, Tim Lacy-Hulbert, formerly of this parish, became ill. An ambulance was called and Tim was taken for checks to the Heath Hospital. He is being kept in overnight on Sunday for tests and monitoring. Robin Morrison kindly followed to the hospital to keep Tim company while he waited. I'll update here as soon as I know any further news. The game was abandoned and will be replayed from scratch on a date to be agreed.

From Paul Pristavec (01/07/18)

Matches so far this week.... two more at the weekend

Despite the moondust like appearance of the lawns, after the rest of the dressing was done on Tuesday, the GC handicap team managed a creditable draw on Thursday v Bath, 10-10. Highlight was Fiona Illing winning all four of her singles games. That's in addition to some good wins in club competitions recently! The Federation team visited the famous Broadwas lawns (!) and were 0-2 down at lunch. They came back in the afternoon but lost 2-3 with the last game going to -4 on time. Special mention must be made of John Cording, a confirmed GC player, who stepped up to the mark to ensure a team was able to play and won his single in the afternoon! Top man!

From Paul Pristavec (29/06/18)