Dyffryn Gardens photo

Dyffyn Croquet Club is situated in the beautiful grounds of Dyffryn Gardens , just 7 miles to the west of the centre of Cardiff. At St. Nicholas, on the A48, turn at the traffic lights and follow the signs to Dyffryn Gardens.

Dyffryn Gardens photo

This Google map will show you exactly where we are. (The map should already be centred on the croquet lawns. Zoom in to see the house and lawns; zoom out and click "hybrid" or "map" to see the roads to the Gardens.)

As a visitor, you should park in the main car park and enter the grounds through the Visitor Entrance booth. The entrance fee will allow you to visit all the features of Dyffryn Gardens. On entering, you'll see the main house in front of you. The croquet lawns are situated immediately behind and on the far side of the house.

As a member of the Croquet Club, you may park within the grounds and entrance is free during the croquet season - approximately April to September.

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