This site was developed by Les Bowker, a former Dyffryn Croquet Club member.

A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is recommended, as is using the freely downloadable Mozilla Firefox web browser which will give the best visual effects. It has also been tested, to a lesser extent, using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 & 7 and Opera.

If you wish to comment on any feature of the site, suggest better ways to present information or propose additional functionality, please feel free to e-mail suggestions to the address shown below.

Also use the address below to report a fault with the existing system. Include as much detail as possible, in particular ensuring you include the following information:

  • date and time of the incident;
  • web browser being used;
  • pc information: e.g. Apple Mac 1024x768 resolution; Intel PC at 800x600 black and white only;
  • your aim: e.g. Wanted to to reserve a full lawn for 01/07/06;
  • what problem you hit e.g. Tried to save the request but just returned to the Bookings list without any sign of my details;
  • what, if anything, you did to recover from the problem;
  • whether the fault keeps recurring or was a one-off.

To contact me, e-mail - Chris at Butedock ("dot com").

If you're interested, you may also read below how we have approached Accessibility in designing these pages and about the web-site Development tools used.


These days, emphasis is quite rightly placed on developing web sites such that they can be easily accessed, displayed and understood on a range of equipment and in a variety of manners.

This might be so that information may be viewed on mobile phones as readily as on regular PCs or notebooks. Or it may be to try to accommodate users with special needs - for example, users with reduced sight (perhaps by supporting stronger contrasting colours and fonts) or no sight (using braille writers or speech output from text).

I'm afraid this site addresses few of these issues.

See your web site through colorblind eyes with the colorblind web page filter. A selection of pages have been tested for legibility for the colour blind and these seem to be acceptable. (Find out more from the Colourblind Webpage Filter site.)

However, this site is primarily for people interested in croquet and, in particular, members of Dyffryn Croquet Club and I have assumed this audience generally needs few such special features. If I am mistaken, I apologise.

The pages have however been written to dictate as little as possible such things as font choice, size and colours. You should be able to use your browser's built-in capabilities to override my defaults to suit your own preferences.

Development tools used

This site uses Ruby on Rails as its main web development tool.

Behind the scenes, some information is held in a MySQL database.

The http web server feeding pages to your browser is Apache .

And the server operating system keeping everything together is Linux .

You may have noticed that all this is Free Software .

Whilst my background was originally using mainframes and their bundled, proprietary software, then later networks of PCs running Microsoft software, my son, Gareth , convinced me to try Free Software.

And I must say, these particular tools have been powerful, stable and free.

So make of that what you will - and all at your own discretion and risk!

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